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“To Create an Oasis That Inspires and Empowers Women”

Beauty is eternal.  It is captured in the way you feel and in the way you look.  It is timeless.  Every generation needs to feel beautiful.  Some things don’t change. Some things should not change.

Helping women feel beautiful has been our mission since we first opened our doors in 1937.  The fashions have changed but the Windsor dream has not.  Icons come and go - from Jacqueline Kennedy, to Princess Diana to the red carpet of today.  Throughout it all Windsor has made beauty accessible to all women, not just the celebrities.

From the beginning, Windsor has been owned and operated by generations of the Zekaria family.  Their caring vision of shared beauty affects everything we do. 

Women come to Windsor to find that perfect look that makes them feel beautiful and we have been there for them for all of life’s important moments - your first kiss at the dance, graduation, the big interview and the wedding party.  Lives have been changed, and the memories will live forever.

Windsor continues to bring that Oasis experience to you in over 200 stores and through our online shop. 

Some things should never change.

Culture And Values

Our mission is to create an oasis that inspires and empowers women. We bring that to life every day in our 200+ retail locations, at our distribution center and in our corporate offices through our values.

Work hard and have fun as a team.
Integrity is mandatory.
Need to improve ALL the time.
Do more with less and create value.
Smile and listen. Make our customers happy.
Organize and plan in ridiculous detail.
Respect our caring and loyal family.