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Valleygirl was proud to open its first store in Penrith, NSW in 1996 and since then has become a key player in the high street sale of female fashion apparel and accessories. Today Valleygirl is recognised as one of the front runners in the area of fast fashion retailing for females aged 15 to 25 that belongs to Fast Future Brands Pty Ltd.

Valleygirl's name is synonymous with leading-edge fashion, style setting and innovation. As a growing brand, it prides itself on providing the latest and greatest fashion clothing and accessories to customers across Australia.

Valleygirl is all about having fun with fashion! We constantly pursue the newest trends, styles and looks you see on the catwalks and fashion magazines; only the most up to date developments are sourced from around the globe, combining style with quality materials to produce the clothing and accessories you see in store.

Valleygirl now operates over 85 stores across Australia and will continue to expand its business ensuring it remains one of Australia's most loved teen brands.


Valleygirl style is all about making your personal fashion statement, with globally inspired pieces pulled from Europe's catwalks teamed with classic collections to make your style, your very own. Bringing you fashion magazine 'must haves' and celebrity favourites, Valleygirl pursues 'what's hot' and avoids 'what's not' all in the name of style!

Whether your style is modern, feminine or eclectic, update your look with Valleygirl accessories and fashion essentials to keep your wardrobe looking catwalk cool this season.


From stealing celebrity style to setting the latest trends, Valleygirl has become a front runner in Australian fashion. EACH WEEK we bring you more than 65 new styles with an eclectic mix of designer look pieces, high fashion and A–list inspired outfits. Valleygirl helps you keep on track and up to date with the top trends and latest styles in a one stop fashion shop!

Fast Future Brands (Company Overview)

Fast Future Brands is a well-established innovative retail company and owner of popular fashion brands TEMT, Valleygirl and MIRROU. Since opening its first store in 1996, the company has experienced rapid but sustainable growth thanks to the outstanding success of its fashion brands in the marketplace.

The Valleygirl brand is synonymous with fast fashion apparel and accessories for young females aged 15-25. Since opening its first store in Penrith, NSW in 1996, Valleygirl has become a key player in Australian high street fashion retailing. Girls and young women love Valleygirl for bringing them the very latest trends in designs, fabrics and accessories at affordable prices.

TEMT is a fast fashion brand catering to young women aged 20-35 who are looking for affordable fashion forward designs. Launched in 2002 to fill a gap in the market, the TEMT brand has enjoyed rapid growth and can now be found in Australia wide.

MIRROU is mature Women’s wear brand, aged 35-45, derived to satisfy the need of today’s modern women and to help find and express personal style through choices in fashion.

The company will continue to identify growth opportunities for these brands. As a fast-developing global corporation, Fast Future Brands is currently planning on expansion of its retail operations overseas.

“We at Fast Future Brands Ltd believe that our customers and staff are the reason for our being. We strive to deliver true value to our customers. We believe the word ‘value’ incorporates excellent products, affordable prices and a ‘fun’ and ‘easy’ shopping experience. We constantly challenge ourselves to do what is right and best for our customers and staff”.

Corporate Social Responsibility (Sustainability)


Fast Future Brands is firmly of the belief that a profitable business can also deliver a positive impact on the community and the environment. To that end, we are committed to ensuring a sustainable future through the provision of safe and ethical products for our customers.


- Suppliers

We have carefully selected and developed long term relationships with suppliers that are just as committed to the protection of human rights as we are.

The vast majority of our factories are located in China. Our on-the-ground offices in China allow us to conduct audits of those factories to ensure the quality and safety of our products and workplaces. Where remedial action is necessary, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure the appropriate corrective action is implemented.

- Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct has been built around our efforts to make our supply chain more sustainable. The Code sets out minimum standards of ethical and social conduct and behaviour that should be implemented by all members throughout our supply chain. All suppliers as well as their subcontractors are required to comply with the Code.

The Code covers the following principles:

1. No child labour

2. No forced labour

3. No discrimination

4. No harsh or inhumane treatment

5. Respect for freedom of association and collective bargaining

6. Payment of wages

7. Reasonable working hours

8. Outsourcing

9. Safe and hygienic working environment

10. Environmental awareness

11. Monitoring and enforcement

12. Corrective action

- Subcontracting

Our suppliers may sometimes be required to subcontract work out to other companies. At FFB, we consider all of the partners involved in the creation of our products as an integral part of our supply chain. Consequently, all subcontractors are also subject to the conditions set out in our Code of Conduct.

All of our suppliers are required to provide full details of the work outsourced to subcontractors, as well as full contact details for those subcontractors and their factories.


- Compliant Design

• This refers to FFB’s compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, standards and codes regarding product safety and labelling

We are committed to complying with local and international laws, regulations, codes and standards in order to provide safe and reliable products for our customers. Extra care is taken to ensure all of our products comply with mandatory product safety and labelling requirements.

Through our on-the-ground offices in China,we are able to audit and control the quality, safety and compliance of our products and workplaces. Where remedial action is necessary, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure the appropriate corrective action is implemented.

- Materials

We make a conscious effort to use ethical methods and materials in the creation of our products.

With the exception of wool or mohair blended items, we do not allow the use of real animal fur or leather in any of our products. We specifically do not use angora blended products and have internal monitoring procedures to protect this commitment.

We also do not accept the use of any hazardous aromatic amines (azo dyes) in any of our products.