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Friday night, 2004. Bootleg jeans on and Motorola Razr in hand, you take a Dukes of Hazzard T-Shirt, wear it down your local Bristol boozer, get tons of compliments from strangers and what happens? You (drunkenly) make it your mission to share this love of retro tees, via that new-fangled whizzy invention, the interweb. Fast forward a few eBay sales and you call your T-Shirt store, because, well…it's cool, it comes from a totally classic movie and MIGHT have been taken…

This is how TruffleShuffle founders Pat and Claire kicked off the retro tee revolution. 15 years and over 1,500,000+ T-Shirts later, we’re a team of more than a few fellow retro addicts who are still inspired by all things old-school. And we're talking properly old-school. Where Saturday mornings were made for watching He-Man, we could spend entire days kicking ass at Mario Kart and Friday nights at the video shop were where it was going DOWN.


Proudly independent, we're a small team of 80s and 90s nerds whose old-school obsessions keep us creating the quirkiest, coolest exclusive T-Shirts that bring those epic shows, movies that you thought you might never see again, back to life. As if we'd let that happen though…

We live and breathe this stuff (even our models are TruffleShufflers or friends and family we've roped in to help us) and from our in-house design geeks to our warehouse superheroes, we're always working to make sure you're chuffed to bits with every single tee, accessory and gift you buy. We do have the odd break to battle it out on our vintage Jurassic Park pinball machine though…so don't feel too sorry for us.

Our customers are our kindred spirits. Loads of what you see on the site is because you guys said you needed it - beloved brands like Loungefly and cult cartoons like The Raccoons to name but two, and we love hearing what you just can't live without. From Care Bears to My Little Pony, we team up with fellow fans to create limited edition collections, and we always want to hear what you think. Email us, hit us up on the (Dream)phone or give us a shout on our social channels and we'll do our best to get that old-school goodness you’re craving on the site for you.

It's cool to wear awesome tees but it's even cooler to care for the planet, and we’re always looking for ways to do our bit. We’re committed to reducing the amount of plastic we use - we now ship our orders in paper packaging, re-use any single use plastic packaging we receive from suppliers, and look for plastic-free products and alternatives wherever we can (you might have spotted more rice husk and breakdown plastics on the site). We increasingly have an eye on environmental friendliness and sustainability, sourcing tees from eco-friendly and Fairtrade materials and printing all our TruffleShuffle clothing in the UK. We're constantly looking to improve and grow, so stay tuned for updates (and we’d love to hear your suggestions, too).