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Better than yesterday

We are all works in progress—it’s a naked truth that compels us toward continuous improvement. It’s learning the hard way that motivations can be fleeting, but true commitment never ends. It’s the reason every piece of Ten Thousand gear is designed to help you push harder and dig deeper than the day before.

As athletes, our focus often lies primarily in improving our physical strength. However, solely building up our athletic capabilities is useless if we aren’t also training the mental support system that allows us to reach our physical peak.

It’s way too hard to find a perfect pair of workout shorts. No BS. No gimmicks. No endless scrolling through indistinguishable products. We pared back our line to just the essentials, creating a system of gear that’s perfectly designed for all the ways you train. PREMIUM EVERYTHING We removed the wholesale middle man to deliver premium fabrics, trims, and techniques direct to you, at a cost you can afford.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t We simplified everything to provide three premium shorts that perfectly cover all the ways you train — one built for versatility, another for durability, and one for superlight unencumbered performance. No BS. No Gimmicks. Gear can’t make you a better athlete or a better person. Only you make you better. So instead of chasing fads we invite you to come back to the essentials; classic quality and technical mastery for the best gear possible.