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About Us

For over 30 years we've been the source of Danish style and culture—now, more than ever. From the coastlines of Skagen city to the architecture of Copenhagen and a celebrated fashion scene, Denmark embodies a special kind of energy: Modern. Playful. In the moment— with an appreciation for nature and the wild world around us.


It may be small in size, but Denmark has a big presence that's inspiring the global fashion scene. It's this creative energy that's fueled our watch and jewelry designs for decades, and what inspires us to reinvent ourselves today— redefining modern style. Playing with emerging fashion influences. On a journey to design with the future in mind. We are watchmaking experts who bring decades of experience crafting high-quality timepieces. Inspired by Danish design principles, our products are purposeful down to every last detail.

World Class

We create watches that exceed industry standards at accessible price points for our customers all over the world. We look to trends and the natural surroundings of Denmark to create purposefully designed accessories. The word Fisk is the Danish word for fish. This limited-edition titanium watch features functional elements that up your style for recreational interests in and out of the water. Wear this action-oriented watch because it's sleek, modern, and lightweight. It also features glow-in-the-dark indices, 20 ATM water resistance, a rotating bezel to track time, and a screw-down crown for thrill-seekers.


Our best-selling Aaren takes a cue from the skies. The new Aaren Ombre reflects the day’s light patterns, from warm sunrise tones to hot afternoon hues to cool dusk shades. Each watch is crafted in a way that makes it one-of-a-kind from front to back. So whether you’re a morning, noon or night person, you’ll find at least one Aaren Ombre that’s truly your own. It's powered by the sun and designed with eco-friendly features. The strap is made from recycled plastic bottles by Danish textile mill Kvadrat, using an environmentally-sound process that reduces energy consumption. The watch movement holder is partially crafted with castor oil, an environmentally-friendly material that's sourced from castor beans, reducing the needs for synthetic virgin plastics. To reduce battery waste, the movement is solar powered.