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We created Shinesty for one reason and one reason only:

To bring you the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen. When worn correctly, the right clothing can make Mike Tyson's albino tiger purr like a kitten, blow the minds of boringly-dressed onlookers,

or be a major contributing factor in the creation of a small human that looks strikingly similar to you. Whether you are searching for a rare retro piece, enough neon to blind the 80s, or simply something that would make Chuck Norris weep with pride, Shinesty is here to help.

Shinesty is a novelty clothing and accessories brand specializing in all things colorful and bizarre. From crazy patterned suits and offbeat underwear to the most outrageous apparel imaginable for the beach or country club—Shinesty’s MO is to stand out, like a lot. This Shinesty review will help you decide whether this boisterous brand is worth your attention, with details on prices, promotions, customer ratings, and more. 

Overview of Shinesty
Shinesty was the brainchild of Chris White and Jens Nicolaysen, created when the two were students at the University of Colorado Boulder. Co-founders White and Nicolaysen launched the e-commerce brand in 2014, after realizing that millennials didn’t give up their love for theme parties after graduation. As a millennial, I can say this: whether it’s wanting to stay young, nostalgia for uni days gone by, or a bit of both, most of us do love a theme party (though most of us are now too mature for jungle juice).