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There’s no better feeling than sharing moments of love and admiration with those you cherish. We pride ourselves on being a part of these special memories with you. Whether it’s gifting a token of appreciation, or asking the one you love to marry you, our jewelry has seen some of the most meaningful and heartfelt occasions for over a century.  We know you have options — but we promise, we’re different. Unlike most stores, we’re a family-owned & operated jewelry company — and you’ve trusted us to help you make moments special for over 100 years.

Celebrating love in every sparkle. Explore our unique engagement ring collection, expertly curated to cherish your unique love in all its forms. Indulge in the brilliance of excellent, time-honored, true American craftsmanship blended beautifully with modern sophistication. Our artisans design every cut and setting with passion and care, crafting affordable engagement rings that hold both a love story and a legacy.

Find the right one for your right one. Every ring tells a story, and yours begins here – in the delicate dance of love and responsibility, of passion and purpose.

Each of our diamond engagement rings is designed to symbolize not just the beauty of your union but is also a subtle reflection of your individuality. 

Make a commitment with engagement rings. At Rogers & Hollands | Ashcroft & Oak, we are committed to sustainable, ethical, and social responsibility.

Our diamond engagement rings and moissanite rings are sourced responsibly, glimmering with unmatched brilliance that mirrors the sparkle in your eyes.

Keeping time has never been more stylish or attractive than with our selection of striking designer timepieces & men’s accessories. From tasteful jewelry pieces using shining silver and gold, to sleek & sporty watches, you’ll be on time & in style with the perfect companion for your wrist or suit. We are proud to offer designer watches from Citizen, Gucci, Movado, Hamilton, and more.

That's why when we say “for now & forever” we mean unparalleled guest service, gorgeous selection & lifelong jewelry protection— for now & forever.

As a true American success story, having grown from one store to a full-service multi-channel jewelry retailer, we understand that true love is about bringing people together & celebrating milestones better than anyone.

You’re real couples, sharing real moments, celebrating real connections – and we’re here to help.