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Once upon a time, there were dress shoes, and there were sneakers. And that was it. But that's not how life works. What about everything in between?Drawing on generations of shoemaking experience, we were able to merge the comfort of athletic shoes with the smart, sophisticated look of dress and casual styles. 

We're often told to "think on our feet," but rarely "about them." At Rockport, we do both. We scrutinize every line and nuance of our shoes, from first sketch to final product. We're dedicated to more than mere aesthetics, and our commitment goes far beyond our drive to innovate. We spend countless hours poring over every detail, because ultimately, it's not about us, or the shoes. It's about you.Over the years, we've walked side by side with the people who wear our shoes, getting to know them, their hopes, dreams, and needs, inside and out. No two people, or strides, are alike. No two days are ever the same. There will never be one solution for everyone. 

Bestselling Men’s Shoes Tips

Our men’s best selling shoes are best sellers for good reason. Their lasting durability, glove-like fit, and versatile looks, backed by Rockport’s exclusive technology, mean men turn to them again and again for every occasion. Our best selling men's waterproof shoes perform extremely well in the elements. That's why our water and weatherproof footwear is consistently among our bestselling selection. For anyone spending time outside in less than ideal weather, our durable designs will keep you comfortable for hours in any condition

Others might balk at this reality, but we're galvanized by it, driven to create and discover what more we can do, what else we can offer. Because if you can't say that you've done right by yourself and those around you, you haven't done very much at all. Thoughtfulness will always trump trends, and generosity of spirit will always outweigh the bottom line. Life is an incredible, rich journey filled with adventures and people to share them with. Rockport offers women the highest quality and comfortable styles available without skimping out on utility. Don’t worry – these styles aren't just for show, they’ll actually keep you warm and dry as well.