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Road Runner Sports


You can bet a lot’s changed since we sold our first pair of shoes over three decades ago! But, one thing that remains the same is our commitment to you and making all your fitness dreams come to life.

Family owned since 1983

We're all one great big family and that includes you!

VIP 90-Day Perfect Fit Promise

Enjoy 90 days to decide if you love your new shoes, R-Gear socks, or custom insoles. Bring 'em back if you don’t.

Customer Care that’ll knock your socks off

Count on the most friendly service around from super smart & speedy fit experts.


In 1983, Mike Gotfredson lost his job. With three young sons and a daughter on the way, Mike was determined to be the best father he could possibly be for his family.

Committed to providing a healthy and nurturing home, he made the decision to create a family-owned company that would treat employees and customers with warmth and care, just like family.

The family we call Road Runner Sports came to life in Mike’s garage just 7 months after the birth of his little girl, Kelly. 32 years later, with more than 975 team members who call Road Runner Sports home, and over 842,578 VIP Family Members, our passion and commitment to family is stronger than ever.