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Our RIHOAS journey began when three girls joined hands to support women in living more comfortably and look elegant at the same time.

When we selected our daily wardrobe, we found there was an unmet need for working women like us.

Women do not only care about the look of a fabric but also how we ‘feel’ when we wear it, in a physical and emotional sense. We found there was a huge gap in the market between the more sensual and elegant designer fashion and everyday consumer fast fashion.


RIHOAS understands that finding the perfect fabric that incorporates chic with comfort is no easy task.Our R&D team goes deep into various markets to source thousands of fabrics and patterns.


We carefully sift through them to find the perfect combinations. This is a labor intensive and time-consuming endeavor to take on every season, but our results prove that it is worth the time and effort.


We believe a cozier and more sensual fabric put together with better clothing designs create the most comfortable and elegant fit.

This is exactly what we want to deliver to you every time.

We here at RIHOAS want to empower girls worldwide to be the best version of themselves through the language of fashion!