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Mountain Hardwear

Performance means products purposefully designed, form following function, using the highest quality materials and technologies. Performance means providing users with better physical and emotional experiences through fit, weather protection, temperature regulation and moisture management.

We believe everyone who enjoys the outdoors is an outdoor athlete. From 8,000 meter climbers to weekend day-hikers, we all aspire to better physical experiences in the outdoors. Living boldly means daring to be different, leaning into life and pursuing new challenges and opportunities to experience the world more richly, to know your self more completely, and to savor the satisfaction of living life to the fullest. Mountain Hardwear was founded in 1993 by a small band of outdoor industry iconoclasts. They saw the industry changing, compromising quality and dumbing down products to serve less technical users. Mountain Hardwear was founded to buck this trend in order to stay true to the needs of outdoor athletes.


When our founders established the Bay as our base back in 1993, Mountain Hardwear was destined for a life of play. They wanted to make equipment and apparel that climbers and mountaineers could depend on—but they wanted to have fun doing it, too. And that attitude lives on. We bring the same stoke we have in the mountains to the drawing board. We express our brand through climbing, but more importantly, through the culture that we as climbers, riders, artists, innovators, movers, shakers—(insert your thing here) create. You’re already one of us. So why not just become one of us?


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A few strides off the deck of the San Francisco ferry a short ride north from the East Bay, you’ll find our office at the historic Ford Point. Just follow the other puffy-coated commuters and stash your bike inside by the rack of paddleboards and kayaks—if you hit the Employee Store, you’ve gone too far. (But if you do, say hi to our retail friends and pick up something new while you’re there…) Just down the hall, you’ll pass some of our building’s hidden gems. Across from our in-house warranty and repair department, you can often find folks working out a route on our climbing wall or meeting over a meal in the kitchen to talk product development. Because we believe that creating and problem-solving can be expressed in many ways. And whether it’s bringing a tent back to life, solving the crux, or finding the right ingredient for your sandwich, innovation is at the heart of what we do. With that energy at the foundation, our team is always eager to lend a hand, offer a spot, and dish out a high five. There’s always something happening inside Mountain Hardwear. But under all the buzz—the coffee grinder churning, keyboards typing, sewing machines humming, dog paws trotting, music playing—you’ll hear the chatter of stories. Behind everything we do is our own real-life experiences. We may be an eclectic group of individuals but outdoor-oriented nonetheless. Sound familiar? Join us!