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We don’t just make men’s suits. Nor do we just hire tails or tuxedos. We’re all about making you feel on form, about giving you the confidence to take on any moment. From an outfit worthy of the big day, to a suit custom-made for your individual style. From nailing that just-right look for getting ahead at work to that smart-casual sweet spot for getting about on the weekend. Whatever you’ve got on, we’ll help you make it yours.


A little TLC for your clothes makes them and you look smarter for longer...

While you're wearing your suit:

  • Carry as little as possible in the pockets; ideally nothing in the jacket pockets.

After wearing your suit:

  • Brush your suit after each wearing, using a natural bristle brush.
  • Hang your suit up, clean and unbuttoned, after each wearing. Use a curved, wide-shoulder hanger, with the curve facing forward.
  • If you’re not a frequent suit-wearer, keep your suit looking fresh and well-maintained with a quick brush and airing every now and then.
  • Try to ‘rest’ your suit between each wearing. This will let the cloth fibres settle and the suit’s shape relax back into place.

Cleaning your suit:

  • Always read and follow the instructions on your suit’s care label.
  • Only have your suit dry-cleaned if it’s actually dirty, and ask your dry cleaner to just spot-clean the soiled area if possible.
  • It’s best to have your suit pressed by your dry-cleaner.


  • Always read and follow the cleaning instructions on your knitwear item’s care label.
  • Wool items need to rest between wearings to allow the fibres to settle.


  • Avoid washing cotton and cotton blend shirts in high temperatures – this will prematurely age the fabric and buttons. If the shirt isn’t too soiled, a gentle, warm wash followed by drip-dry is best.
  • Make sure shirts are buttoned up before you put them in the washing machine; this helps to preserve the buttons and retain the shirt’s shape.


Moss Bros. is an editor for men, providing a versatile range of menswear.By drawing upon our 169 years of tailoring experience, we give in-depth knowledge andsuiting expertise - adapting the latest trends whilst staying true to our heritage.As a brand we inspire and guide, helping men feel amazing whatever the occasion.

Proud to have such a long and rich heritage, Moss Bros. has been suiting up men for generations;
our expertise and eye for sartorialism has transitioned through many different eras