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M.Gemi is our love letter to Italian craftsmanship—from the pride that’s taken in making something by hand to the joy of owning a little piece of that magic. Beautiful shoes are just the beginning. Growing up in Sicily, I remember going to nearby shops every week to see what new shoes the local artisans had made by hand, just a few pairs at a time, with such stunning attention to detail. M.Gemi is our way of sharing that thrilling sense of discovery, impeccable level of quality and passion for beautiful, handmade shoes.We are committed to partnering with small artisanal workshops across Italy. All of our shoes are handmade by families who have been honing their craft for generations.

IT’S HARD TO BREAK THE MOLD. But it's a labour of love. When you get the shoes, when you touch the shoes, when you stare at the shoes, you’ll wonder if we messed up on price. When really we’ve just messed with the system.

OY IN DESIGN Simply put, we’re passionate about making beautiful shoes for the modern woman and man, the kind that bring joy to every step. Life’s too short to keep your best shoes under your desk.

And "first" becomes very important when we can sometimes only make a small number of pairs. The best way to get what you want? 

M.Gemi is a form-breaking movement in premium Italian craftsmanship that brings artisanal factories a new way to thrive and gives lovers of beautifully made things the quality we’re obsessed with at more reasonable prices. (We know, it’s a mouthful). At M.Gemi we subscribe to a set of beliefs that help guide how we work, play, and problem solve together.