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Life is Feudal

Bitbox - an independent indie studio, developer and publisher of PC games. Founded in 2011 by Vladimir ‘Bobik’ Piskunov, the studio’s most notable achievement is the release of the successful multiplayer online RPG project: Life is feudal: Your Own.

Despite it being a niche project, its player count is now around 300 000 and the cost of the first three years of development was even covered in literally the first 48 hours of sales.

The team is a family of avid and passionate gamers from all corners of the industry and beyond, allowing them to deliver a product, driven by what the community wants to play. This also gives Bitbox the knowledge to professionally distinguish potentially successful games and thus act as a publisher for other developers.

We are always on the lookout for promising indie original and/or sandbox games to publish on Steam. We have a direct connection with Valve, the expertise and the resources to aid you with the development and in making your game a success!

Dear feudalists!
In our previous announcement we’ve mentioned one final update for Life is Feudal: MMO. As it reaches final testing, we would like to provide you with more detailed information on what’s coming. Remember, that all of the changes are still in our internal tests and can be subject to change based on the results of your feedback.
As was requested, terraforming abilities will have their duration decreased dramatically. Premium decorations will have their recipes altered in order for them to be available for construction without Decorator’s Kits. Traveler’s Idol will have its cooldown reduced to two hours. Armor recipe costs will be reduced for higher tiers (heavy and royal).
Now, for the combat update. You may have seen previously the hint of mounted archers. Indeed, Composite Bow will now be unlocked on level 90 of Cavalry. It will be the only bow available to use while mounted.