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Our mission and passion, since 1995, is to provide you with the best way to buy contact lenses - better than your eye doctor, better than big box, better than other websites. We think you're looking for the best prices on brand name contact lenses supported by hassle-free business practices. We've grown and invested over the years to ensure we can meet your needs. Everyone on the team is dedicated to one thing only, your satisfaction with our service. Give us a try, you'll be glad you did! A couple of things. We offer 'Buy More Save More' pricing so you can really stretch your contact lens dollar. We have the largest independently held inventory of contact lenses in our warehouse, so we ship most orders within 48 hours - some with valid prescriptions ship within hours of receipt. Also, everything on our website is designed for simple user interaction whether you're placing an order, changing a prescription or checking on an order's status. This coupled with genuine caring customer service means a smoother, worry-free experience. Just what you want when you order contact lenses. Donating an old pair of eyeglasses is an easy way to help someone less fortunate whose quality of life is affected by their vision problems. In doing so, you may even qualify for a tax deduction. If you’re interested in donating your old eyeglasses for tax purposes, here’s some tips.

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Friendly Customer Service Representatives are available 24/7 by phone, chat, and email to help you. maintains the highest standards of customer service. If you have any problem involving our site or your purchase please contact us immediately & we'll make it right. The World Health Organization estimates 153 million people around the world have poor eyesight due to errors that can be corrected with prescription lenses. Nearly 700 million people around the world have to live with functional blindness, or the inability to see well enough to do basic everyday tasks such as reading, writing, or cooking, due to lack of access to affordable eyeglasses.

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I love Service is excellent. It's so convenient to use their online eye exam when I'm too busy to see my optometrist. Their contacts are the best price to be found and I shopped around. provided exemption service! Had an issue with shipping and they sorted it out right away! True customer service from a company that clearly cares about taking care of their customers. They have earned my business for life. Great job! I was very appreciative of the low prices that offers. Their delivery was so fast and unexpected honestly. I assumed that it would take about a week for my contacts to arrive but they arrived in 2 days, which to me was so awesome. They were the exact ones that I normally get from my doctors but WAY cheaper!

Air Optix Contact Lenses has been providing contact lenses like high quality Air Optix to our customers since 1995. Order directly from and take advantage of our special discount pricing on Air Optix Contact Lenses. As a leading online retailer of Biofinity contact lenses, has been able to provide customers with special discount pricing and excellent customer service since 1995. As a leading online retailer of Dailies contact lenses, is able to offer you the same discount pricing we've been offering our customers since 1995 on Dailies Total 1 contact lenses. Whether you’ve abandoned your eyeglasses for a more fashion-forward pair or have switched to wearing contacts full-time, don’t let your old glasses collect dust in a drawer – donate them to charity for a tax deduction! Instead of being one of the four million pairs of eyeglasses that end up in American landfills each year, your donated glasses can be repaired and given to a needy individual in a developing nation. Just because you’re donating an old pair of eyeglasses to charity, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to a qualified charity. Unfortunately, only eyeglasses donated to qualified charities will count towards a tax deduction. Eyeglasses donated to organizations that operate primarily for religious, educational, scientific, literary or charitable purposes typically qualify as tax-deductible donations. If you have any doubts about the status of your preferred organization, search the IRS Exempt Organizations Select Check, an online database of qualified charities. In order to receive tax benefits, the IRS requires that a record of all charitable donations be provided. If you drop your eyeglasses off at an unmanned recycling bin and the fair market value is less than $250, you may be able to get away without a receipt or written acknowledgement, but you should still make a written note of the time, place, organization and value of your donation.