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KEEN Footwear

KEEN has a long tradition of helping out when disaster strikes, often donating shoes and driving funds to communities recovering from natural disasters. But we also deploy for humanitarian causes such as our European office supporting Everyday Refugees with several hundred pairs of shoes for vulnerable and displaced people in Greece and Serbia. This year alone, we’ve donated more than 8,000 pairs of sandals, shoes and boots to people in need.

Our detox journey to reduce our impact by switching to safe, effective alternatives—such as Cleansport NXT eco odor control and LWG-certified leather—led us to the issue of water repellency. Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) are commonly used to repel water, dirt, and oil on outdoor gear and footwear. These fluorinated compounds degrade very slowly and persist in our environment. Traces of PFCs can be found in air, water, wildlife, and humans. We have switched to alternative chemistries that are safe for human health, and today we are over 95% PFC-free. KEEN launched its KEEN Effect Grant Program in 2014 to foster responsible outdoor participation. In its first year, we supported 25 organizations in North America, Europe, and Oceana. Since then, we have touched every continent with dozens of grants that help build stronger communities and a healthier planet.

Our innovation team set out on a mission to disrupt and defy our manufacturing status quo. Constructed with only "two cords and a sole", the UNEEK sandal offers a one-of-a-kind fit to every wearer. By eliminating the tension points often found in traditional shoes, UNEEK sandals provide unparalleled comfort and open-air style. Quickly becoming the functional choice of beach-lovers and river-roamers and the fashion choice of artists and designers, UNEEK is as much about self-expression as it is about outdoor practicality.

New Portland Headquarters Building

When KEEN purchased our headquarters building in 2012, we had three goals for the 60,000 foot, five-story renovation: 1) Restore the building to its natural character, 2) Make the building exude the KEEN brand, and 3) Make a bold environmental statement. He succeeded by approaching the project the KEEN-values way. By repurposing almost all existing materials within the old building, the renovation was completed with less than one dumpster of waste instead of the normal 20-25 if approached the typical way. Today, KEEN employees don't just work in a building, but rather in a testament to our values.