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Welcome to Hanna

Hanna Andersson was founded in 1983 in Portland, Oregon by Gun Denhart, a woman from Sweden who created an original line of children's clothing based on Scandinavian principles of happiness and design. It's about celebrating life's simple moments of joy, letting kids be kids, and nurturing their independence and growth.  Over three decades later, Hanna is part of the family, creating a legacy of the softest, most durably crafted clothes and accessories—made to wear and wash over and over and then hand down, making Hanna the original sustainable kids' clothing brand. Here at Hanna, we're always looking for new ways to offer you the most personalized experience that we can.

At Hanna, we are committed to making the changes needed to weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into every aspect of our business, making Hanna a great place to work while representing the communities we serve. We are building on our rich heritage and dedication to our associates and customers, with intentional action around DEI to drive for continuous improvement. Our mission is to drive a permanent cultural shift at Hanna—working from the inside out—to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion on behalf of our Hanna communities and families.

Hanna Impact is an internal collective established by a group of passionate Hanna associates who discovered a shared sense of deep concern and motivation to drive positive change, within Hanna and our greater community. We recognize and own the ongoing challenges and opportunities that come with our efforts to make Hanna more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Hanna Andersson is all about helping children to be comfortable and safe in their clothes, but now it is time to ask: how can we help them to be comfortable and safe in their own skin? We are committed to making an impact within our team and for all families—today, tomorrow, and forever.

Our executive leadership has made a commitment that goes beyond the moment to change how we conduct ourselves and our business, while our creative team has made it a top priority to represent diversity throughout branding. In addition to building a dedicated Hanna Impact team that represents associates across departments and roles, we hired a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant to coach, mentor, and help us build a more collaborative team—one that looks out for each other and is united by our differences. We have given our team a voice with a DEI survey and platform for ongoing anonymous comments, and continue to invest in them with DEI resources and quarterly training for everyone. We’ve also audited our HR processes to ensure an equitable experience for all current and potential future associates—including widening our networking efforts to expand and diversify our reach. Our new Affinity Groups connect associates with common concerns who want to bring awareness and advocate on the basis of race, gender, national origins, sexual orientation, or ability.