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Giuseppe Zanotti

For nearly a quarter of a century, Giuseppe Zanotti has hypnotized the world of fashion, music and entertainment with an exclusive mix of Italian charm and contemporary glamor. The initial idea of ​​a collection of wonderfully embellished heels later became the reality of a luxury house that revolves around the creativity of Giuseppe Zanotti and the infinite passion for footwear. From the red carpet to the most everyday moments, hers are not just shoes but objects of desire imbued with modern femininity. Like a perfect cocktail, each model alternates a dose of sensuality and a dose of rock & roll, with that secret shake that only Giuseppe Zanotti can give to create real icons.

The "Pyramid" sandal is the evolution of a body jewel designed for Beyoncé and also worn by Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez, who sports it on the cover of her album "Dance Again". Taking up the same pyramid shapes in golden metal of the imposing jewel, the sandal combines a bold and decisive graphic, with a delicate and feminine line.


As its name suggests, the perforated contour and leather details of the "Tattoo" sandal create a soft pattern on the foot. Giuseppe Zanotti describes it as "refined, delicate and light". There are many famous fans, including Beyoncé Knowles (who wore it in the music video for "Mirrors"), Penelope Cruz, Elle MacPherson and Anja Rubik. Thanks to its timeless design that inspires a sophisticated elegance.

Sinuous and sensual, the "Venere" sandal is described by Giuseppe Zanotti as "a fusion between a snake and a woman's body". It is powerful, seductive, but retains the timeless elegance that distinguishes every Giuseppe Zanotti Design creation, enhancing the beauty of the foot with its exquisitely crafted golden spirals. Thanks to the combination of charm and danger it embodies, it was natural for Lady Gaga to choose it as the perfect complement to her first perfume: the star wore an exclusive version at the "Fame" launch party in 2012.


For Kanye West, meeting this model in a New York showroom was love at first sight: the rapper then asked the designer to create a completely white version, in line with the cover of his album "Cruel Summer". The shoe, which combines classic elegance with a daring baroque-style golden leaf motif, soon became a red carpet classic and a must in subsequent Zanotti collections. "It's a sandal with a strong character", says Giuseppe Zanotti, "a luxury shoe with a hip hop soul".

Inspired by the elegant lines of the classic "Panton" chair, designed by Verner Panton in 1967, Giuseppe Zanotti created the sensational "Adele" for Lady Gaga's "Born this Way Ball Tour". "The greatest challenge", says the designer, "was to achieve the perfect balance between suspension and stability, in the total absence of the heel". The result? "A shoe that is a natural extension of the foot"

Giuseppe Zanotti's models are often born from intense moments, triggered by a particular feeling, a song, a flavor, or moments of exquisite beauty. It was in one of these moments that the inspiration for the bohemian silhouette of the "Combat" sandal took off. "I still see that scene ... at sunset, in Marrakech, as we cross the Medina with some photographers and models. There was a wonderful model who wore a sandal resting on her shoulder ... I have never forgotten this image".