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Two decades of fit expertise

We were founded two decades ago because we didn’t understand why the internet was focused almost exclusively on men. And because we recognised a problem that needed solving: the high street was squeezing women into a really restricted range of bra sizes. If you weren’t 32-36 and A to C, maybe D if you were lucky, you were pretty much excluded from buying correct fitting lingerie. We believed all women should be able to experience the power of perfect fitting lingerie to transform a silhouette and improve posture and health. To make you feel comfortable in your own skin. So we offered, by contrast, 130+ sizes from a carefully curated selection of brands across a wide range of styles and price points.

You asked, we answered

Over the years we learnt a lot from you, our customers. This knowledge prompted us to launch our own in-house collections of lingerie and nightwear, all combining premium quality, fit and style and ranging from the pretty and practical, to the flirty and fashion-forward.

A swim revolution

But our fit mission wasn’t over. You told us you would rather go to the dentist than wear a bikini on the beach. Yes really. You just couldn’t find swimwear that supported and flattered your shape. Fast forward to today and we’re providing our lingerie fit expertise to swimwear, helping you find your beach body confidence. #EveryBodyFits.