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We believe you should never have to fit into a box. So we make a box that fits to you. No two people are the same. That’s why we craft home hair colour from scratch so you can stand out, instead of finding a match so you can fit in.

It’s how we take part in disrupting the way people think about beauty. It’s revolutionary, but it’s born from a simple question: Why match yourself, when you can be yourself? Art meets science. Our expertise is grounded in colour theory – and a whole lot of tech. Coded in colour.
Our engineers and coders turned colour into a language. Shade variations and pigments become characters and symbols that are sent to our on-demand colour dispenser. Because to mass-make custom colour, we had to make a custom machine. It individually fills each bottle with exact drops of pigments and has created over 227 000 unique combinations so far.

Led by experts. This isn’t just an algorithm doing all the work. This is actual people - raw, human talent. Our expert team of radical colourists come from top schools and salons around the country. They see colour a little differently.

Instead of hand-mixing dye and eyeballing tones, they’re trained to create colour virtually. Traditional rules don’t apply to them and lucky for you, they’re also available to call when you need extra guidance. Driven by results. Perfection isn’t a thing. Not in beauty. Not in life. But we never stop working to get your experience just right. We use the results collected from years of testing, fine-tuning and listening to our clients’ feedback to deliver a promise we can actually keep: colour happiness, guaranteed.

Personalised to you

People often have this “aha” moment where suddenly everything clicks: This isn’t just another company claiming “custom.” We actually take an empty bottle, put your name on it and fill it from scratch.

Just for you

Everything from your tone, warmth, density and texture, to the amount of time you process before rinsing, and even the way that you apply it – it’s all literally made just for you.