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What is a Silicone Ring?

You have a friend who swears by silicone rings, or maybe you’ve seen someone at the gym lifting weights with their ring still on. You know people who are getting engaged or saying “I do” with silicone rings. They’re the new alternative that’s challenging hard-metal rings as the ultimate stylish/comfortable/safe option for all lifestyles. It’s time to start taking the silicone trend seriously.

But what exactly makes silicone rings so great and why are people making the switch? You want to know where to get silicone rings and what size silicone ring you should get. Let’s take a look at what makes them so appealing for every lifestyle.

Anyone with a metal ring will tell you about the daily annoyances it causes: clinking against everything you touch, catching on the edges of hard surfaces and requiring you to remove it before doing anything with your hands. Everyday tasks like doing the dishes become obstacles with a metal ring on your finger.

Not with silicone. They’re flexible and soft, yet still retain their shape when put under pressure or placed underwater. That means you can keep your ring on no matter where you go or what you do. Plus, the silicone will naturally conform to the shape of your finger the longer you wear it. After a few days, you won’t even notice the silicone ring band is there until someone asks you where you got it. Here’s another benefit you never thought about: safety. Metal rings can catch on surfaces and cause serious damage to your hand. This is called ring avulsion—it’s not pretty. Enso rings are built to bend or break away before any injury happens. Take your safety seriously, especially if your work or play is hands on.


Everyone wants a ring that looks fantastic, but people are tired of taking out loans just to get a ring that’s not even comfortable and gets in the way of their daily life. You could pay thousands for a metal ring, or Enso offers the same styles for 1/100th of the price with superior feel and versatility.


Active or sedentary. Stay-at-home and on-the-go. Silicone rings were built to get out of your way and let you live your life. That means you can keep your hobbies, keep traveling and exploring and keep your ring on wherever life takes you. Learn more about silicone rings by exploring the Enso collections and discover custom silicone rings or cheap silicone wedding rings