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A new step forward

With a legacy rooted in creating simple solutions, the story of Easy Spirit has always been one of innovatove thinking. Over the last 35 years, women have evolved and so have we. Now, more than ever, we know its about more than just shoes. Being comfortable in your own skin and making life easier is what matters most.

Today, we continue our mission - we are MAKERS OF shoes and experiences that are all about making life EASY for all women. Live your best life every step of the way in Easy Spirit. 

Orthotic inserts are often recommended for additional foot support. Our orthotic-friendly selection with removable insoles make it easy to customise your footbeds for your unique need and maximum comfort. Find the orthotic-friendly footbeds in over 100 styles and colors.

Mesh fabric and perforated footbeds allow your feet to breathe easy all day long. Choose a breathable upper to address concerns about perspiration, itchiness and more.

Ultra flexible

Flexible constructions mimic your natural movement as you walk, adding extra ease to your steps. Choose a flexible style to address tired shins and feet after walking.

Ultra lightweight

Ultra lightweight layer make it easy to stay light on your feet and keep you moving. Avoid added stress on your joints by selecting a pair of lightweight shoes. Look for ultra lightweight styles avaliablke in all of our product categories. 


Multiple points of adjustability and hook-and-loop closures are customisable for you to create your perfect fit. Adjustable features also make it easier to slip pairs on and off and can address a wide array of foot concerns such as swollen feet.