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About us

We were founded in 1984, inspired by the spectacular splendor of the great northwest, where the spirit of nature abounds. Our look has always been different by design, rich with unexpected details that embrace simplicity artistry and the beauty of nature.
Of course, some things have changed since then. We've grown, evolved and had to reinvent ourselves more than once along the way. ‌But some things will never change - like ourcommitment to you, our loyal customers. We want to inspire you every day, the way you inspire us.
Confident. Grounded. Strong. Sure, you’ve reinvented yourself along the way, but you’re always true to YOU. Your style is a reflection of who you are. That’s why we bring you beautiful clothing and accessories that embrace simplicity, quality and comfort with organic textures, tones and delightful details that spark the senses. Who says you can only be your best self once?