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A pioneer in online shopping, we launched our first site in 2000 selling contact lenses, but we always knew we wanted to do more. Within a few years, we began offering a curated selection of designer glasses and sunglasses as well — driven by a passion to bring prescription eyewear to people who often found it out of reach. And we didn't stop there. One of our earliest team members had a natural talent for design, and we worked with him to create one of our first ranges of exclusive eyewear. That line – Derek Cardigan, featuring the famous ‘math symbol frames’ - launched in 2010 and is beloved by fans for its geeky-chic signature details and retro-inspired designs.

Derek Cardigan was soon joined by Kam Dhillon, Joseph Marc, Love, Perspective, and more. All of our exclusive brands are produced by a number of inspired and inspiring designers, each of whom bring their own unique aesthetic to our overall goal of bringing beautiful, functional design to life.

We know that choosing a style that sits front and centre on your face is a daunting task. Just like no two faces are identical, every combination of frames and lenses is unique as well. That’s why we tailor our design process — from materials to styles, and even lens options — to ensure that we always have something just for you. Our designers, grounded in both centuries-old craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, are constantly looking for ways to shake up traditional optical design. Whether it means collaborating with artists such as Camilla d’Errico to create frames in custom prints, or finally offering rimless glasses with a sense of style, we’re always evolving, pushing the envelope and setting - not following - the trends.

A redefining act

We are relentless in our pursuit of the latest optical innovations, from contact lens technologies to breakthroughs in eyewear design. The ever-evolving nature of our product inspires us, and will always drive us to find you your perfect fit.