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Bvlgari has defined a sustainability journey for the continuous improvement of social and environmental performances. The overall CSR vision defines the space in which the company is working to generate value and drive future actions. Bvlgari is committed to addressing global challenges and to this end it has set out a CSR plan also inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The Goals are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which was signed by 193 member countries of the United Nations in September 2015.

The Agenda is an action program for people, the planet and prosperity, and includes 17 goals and 169 targets aimed at ensuring the future of the next generations in a sustainable manner.

In order to support this commitment and proactively contribute to the achievement of improvements in light of the SDG, Bvlgari will keep innovating also through the development of strategic partnerships that can unlock shared value and create positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders, with a specific focus on responsible consumption and production.


Sustainable Development / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is about balancing social, environmental and economic values into the core strategy and operations of a company, in order to improve management of business risks and opportunities while enhancing long-term social and environmental sustainability. Company's responsibility for its impact on society and the environment is achieved through compliance with relevant legislation and codes of practice, effective management of social, economic and environmental impacts (including ethics, human rights, consumer issues, climate change and constraints on natural resources), and an improved approach to the whole supply chain.

For Bvlgari, CSR/Sustainable Development means a commitment to improving society's quality of life through a proactive approach to ethical behavior, social and economic development and environmental principles, involving not only our employees but also our customers, the full supply chain and the surrounding community.

Bvlgari is committed to continuously advancing its ethical, social and environmental performance through the constant improvement of its activity.

In order to strengthen its commitment to ethically conducting its business, taking care of the social and environmental impact of its activities in the long term, Bvlgari has created a Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) Department.
The CSR Department coordinates all Bvlgari Divisions and Departments in order to promote and integrate responsible practices into business operations and to ensure that LVMH Group social and environmental commitments are properly translated into Bvlgari operations worldwide. Moreover, CSR Department proactively participates to National and International working Groups aiming at defining and improving Supply Chain Sustainability Standard.