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We're not from Boston, and we're definitely not proper. But we are unexpected, and have been for 25 years. From day one, we've been committed to and inspired by the women we dress—women who are fearlessly feminine, distinctively chic and who possess the poise and confidence to wear it like no one else.

Our catalog and website have long transcended the page with an aesthetic and feeling that is aspirational, exotic and uniquely personal. While times and technology have evolved us over the years, our passion and dedication remain unchanged. We are committed to surprising and delighting incredible women everywhere, fostering their individual expression and empowering them with the personal conviction that confidence is sexy. Discover fashion's best-kept secret today, and get ready to Wear It Like No One Else®.

We cater to an attitude, not an age. Our customer is daring and sexy yet undeniably sophisticated. She may be boho today, casually chic tomorrow and fearless when she feels like it. It's what makes her unforgettable and what keeps us inspired to curate special pieces she won't find anywhere else. ShopRunner delivers a thriving community of discovery, expression and commerce by powering extraordinary shopping experiences that connect customers to the brands they love. 

Wake up every day to a job you love. We are a company full of passionate, talented, motivated individuals like you. Style is ageless and attitude is everything. We know there’s nothing better than a woman’s confidence, a woman’s sense of self, and her unique impression she leaves everywhere she goes. Our approach to fashion is embracing the journey in feminine, sexy, fun and vibrant style!

We inspire one another to be the best we can be. Teamwork, collaboration, and communication are top priorities as we all work together to grow the Boston Proper® brand and grow ourselves professionally. Recognizing work-life balance, we offer employees benefits that improve their personal lives as well as their careers. Be transparent, inspiring commitment, motivation and personal ownership of brand success by encouraging an open forum to voice opinions, challenge the status quo, address opportunities and share ideas.