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Take Comfort in Børn. Every season, we make high-quality shoes that feel as good as they look. With artistic touches, unparalleled craftsmanship, and exquisite materials, we design shoes to satisfy the demands of every lifestyle. Every day of your life, you can count on finding comfort in our shoes.

LEATHER UPPER Our fashionable, leather lined uppers are made from the best leathers from the finest tanneries around the globe. LEATHER SOCK A leather or high-tech fabric sock helps to keep the foot dry and eliminate odor-causing bacteria. ARCH CUSHION The foam cushion provides ergonomic support and comfort. DUAL DENSITY FOAM CUSHION Cushion and support foam combine to reinforce the foot while maintaining maximum flexibility. AIR DIFFUSION LAYER This special layer reduces the puffing noise that can occur when walking by distributing the air pressure along the sole and preventing it from escaping. LIGHTWEIGHT SOLE Super-light and durable outsoles, made from the highest quality materials, are sculpted for a trend-right look.

Every season, you can depend on Børn to use high-quality leathers and materials. Our leathers are exceptionally soft, comfortable, and durable. 

Whether burnished to accentuate its natural richness, or treated to achieve a timeworn patina, our premium-quality leathers give each shoe a one-of-a-kind finish. Specialty fabrics, such as natural linen in the spring and plush velvet in the fall, are also abundant throughout the Børn collection. Børn was founded on the need to create a comfortable shoe that was also lightweight. We achieved this by using our signature Opanka hand-stitching technique. This traditional technique has many benefits:


The hand-stitching technique allows the shoe to flex and move with the foot for a natural feel. We believe every shoe is a work of art. From its outsole to its upper, each shoe is meticulously designed.


Our stitching-based construction process enables the shoe to conform to the foot and rebound with every step. This signature stitching process works together with our specialty padded footbeds and wide, roomy toe boxes to immerse the foot in comfort.