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To best support the campus community, campus decision-makers are given the difficult task of evaluating multiple service providers and their many claims to being the “biggest,” the “best” or the “leader.”

Proclaiming to be the leader in academic campus store operations isn’t a statement that is made or taken lightly. In this spirit, we’re proud to say that Follett is the market leader in the collegiate retail campus store industry.

Whether it’s the number of on-campus stores we operate, the number of associates poised to serve your campus community or our many innovations and “firsts,” Follett is clearly and indisputably the market leader in academic retailing.

Follett Higher Education provides access to the course materials and general merchandise your students need to be prepared and successful.

We’re committed to helping make school more affordable and students more successful with affordable course materials options, supplies, technology and fan gear. In addition to our affordability programs, our powerful and proven campus store and merchandise solutions can help your institution stay ahead of the curve.

When it comes to attracting and retaining students, embracing your faculty and meeting the specific needs of your campus community, it’s important for your institution to:

Stay at the forefront of affordability, convenience and technology

Facilitate learning through access and preparedness

Celebrate the pride of your athletics and institution

A Follett-operated collegiate retail campus store delivers:

An in-store and online experience filled with discovery and shareable moments

Convenient access to the products and services that your campus community wants

Maximized benefits to address all learning experiences with expanded innovation and technology