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From the early days above a shop in the North-East of England, Berghaus has come a long way. We’ve racked up more than 50 years’ experience creating outdoor gear that’s beautifully designed and built to last. Your Berghaus boots are good to go straight from the box, however due to them being made from lovely natural materials such as leather, all footwear in our range requires regular aftercare to maintain the highest level of performance and durability.

We build all Berghaus gear to last, which is why we provide a product guarantee for every single item’s reasonable lifetime, at no additional cost. That means Berghaus will review all product returns and assess them individually based on their usage. If we find a genuine fault or defect in your item that shouldn’t be there based on normal use, then we’ll repair or replace it for free– no questions asked. But, if that 20-year-old jacket of yours has seen more summits than hot dinners, then it might be time to buy a new one! In any case, we’ll review each case and will let you know if we can fix or replace it.

The Product Lifetime Guarantee does not apply for any specific set of time as each of our products have different expected product lifetimes, for example a highly technical insulated jacket will have a different expected product lifetime to a T-shirt, and other factors are taken into consideration too. We have produced a general guidance matrix for expected product lifetimes here. Please note that the matrix is for guidance and information purposes only because, as mentioned above, we will assess each individual item and the applicability of the Product Lifetime Guarantee based on a number of factors.

Much like your waterproofs, your walking boots will last longer if you take care of them. Rapid drying, heater drying, and not nourishing the leather of the boots can all lead to a boot cracking and eventually splitting.

Caring for your boots is simple, and here are a few things to remember:
Clean your boots, thoroughly removing all mud and debris
Boots need nourishing when they look dry
Reproof little and often
Do not dry boots in a hot room or near a heater; this can cause leather and material to shrink and crack
Stuff with paper to help dry.