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Belstaff UK

The inaugural Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race - known as the TT - is held, with 25 starters for the first race, but fewer than half completing the course. It is the start of an annual event that will eventually become synonymous with Belstaff. Clothing is certainly an issue - as Jack Marshall, who came second, remembered years later: 'In an attempt to damp down the dust, officials sprayed the course with an acid solution. The acid got on our clothes, and in a couple of days, it looked as if the rats had been at our jackets.'

The famous banked circuit at Brooklands, the world's first purpose-built circuit for motorsport, opened in 1907, but motorcycle racing does not begin on the track until 1908 - the same year female racing drivers are allowed to compete there behind the wheel. The first event takes place on 20 April, with 22 riders competing in a two-lapper lasting 12 minutes for the princely prize of 25 guineas (around £26.25 - a handsome purse in those days).


We have a long history of outfitting individuals through adventure and adversity. We've provided fabrics and clothing to protect individuals through some of last century's most significant conflicts, from tent fabrics and groundsheets to parachutes and aviator suits, and this heritage provides the foundation and inspiration for our new collection. And after a year like no other, we took to Bicester Heritage – a preserved RAF base that dates back to Belstaff’s infancy that’s since become a vintage motorsport mecca – to photograph our new collection at its finest. Inspired by aviation’s most classic styles and fabrications with an archival colour palette that draws on a shared history. Air force blues, ranging from the lightest chalk shades through to darker hues and inky navy meet accent pink tones of signal, flare and coral found in printed materials from the Belstaff archive.


As we weather a second lockdown, spare a thought for those more exposed to the effects of the pandemic. We've partnered with The Big Issue in the past, but this year – and especially into the winter – vendors have been hit hard by lockdowns in the cities we share. Founded in 1995, The Big Issue Foundation is an independently funded registered charity working exclusively with Big Issues vendors, connecting them to the vital support they need to enable them to rebuild their lives and determine their own pathways to a better future. In the spring, we ran a promotion in which we pledged to donate one jacket for every jacket sold. This October, we distributed 350 jackets to The Big Issue to be provided to vendors across the UK, including London, Manchester and Glasgow – cities that Belstaff calls home.

Belstaff will donate 10% of every full price sale to three worthy causes in our home cities around the world. This winter, we're giving back. Over the weekend following Thanksgiving – from the 27th to the 30th of November, when Black Friday traditionally dominates the retail airwaves. Read on for more about the charities we're working with. History often repeats itself, but rarely so soon. At the start of year, we set out to support two charities as the pandemic affected the living conditions of those in need in our communities. This winter, as conditions in the cities we call home worsen, instead of offering further discounts we'd like to give something to those who need it more.

At Belstaff, our clothing is built for life. That is, we make it to be dependable and durable, capable to withstand whatever life throws at it. But a jacket alone doesn't tell a story – and as we head into the Black Friday weekend, we'll tell you why. Although our winter promotion runs alongside offering you savings on a great range of seasonal colours and styles, we didn't want to forget the ways in which we can also try to do good – or give thanks, as our cousins across the pond are fond of doing at this time of year. So while you can make savings to help you get set for the winter ahead, or make your seasonal gifting extra special, we're also offering ways you can do good while buying yourself or someone you love something that's been built for life by Belstaff.