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ALDO Shoes

Since 1972, our founder Mr.B, instilled a profound vision:

That we can be stylish and still stay real. That we can be humble souls with generous hearts. That we can be brave enough to stand for something big. And, that we can always have fun. This is our foundation. The source of love we infuse into every shoe, handbag, accessory we make. And so much more…

Our founder, Mr.B, was born the son of a shoe merchant, grandson of a cobbler and believed in more than just selling shoes. His eponymous line of shoes made its debut on six feet of department store shelf space in 1972 and in 1978, the first ALDO freestanding store opened its door in Montreal, a city he fell in love with. Ever since, he was always determined to create a new kind of business.

A brand built on love, integrity & respect

Can a global fashion brand be built on human values like love, integrity & respect? These aren’t words typically heard within the fashion industry…But ALDO has never been typical. Showing compassion for oneself and others while having passion for what you do. We are on a journey to create a world of love, confidence and belonging. It is our purpose, and it is at the core of everything we do.


Embodying an open-hearted attitude that embraces diversity and encourages equality. Since our very early beginnings, we’ve been proud champions of diversity and inclusion. We recognize that each associate has individual experiences, views and opinions, and it’s our goal to maintain an inclusive work environment that encourages each one of them to embrace who they are and reach their full potential.

Being honest, principled, real and authentic. Deeply rooted in our foundation and practiced by associates, we encourage and inspire each other to generously give back. Our involvement in the community is a crucial part of our identity. We design footwear and accessories, but what we ultimately aim to make is a difference. By not just making things that look good, but by doing things that do good. By welcoming, celebrating, and showing love to everyone, everywhere.
By respecting our craft, each other, and the planet we all share. By staying true to our world and to what we believe in, every day and in everything we do.