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Adidas Canada

Sport keeps us fit. Keeps you mindful. Brings us together. Through sport we have the power to change lives. Whether it is through stories of inspiring athletes. Helping you to get up and get moving. Sportswear featuring the latest technologies, to up your performance. Beat your PB.adidas offers a home to the runner, the basketball player, the soccer kid, the fitness enthusiast. The weekend hiker that loves to escape the city. The yoga teacher that spreads the moves. The 3-Stripes are seen in the music scene. On stage, at festivals. Our sports clothing keeps you focused before that whistle blows. During the race. And at the finish lines. We’re here to supportcreators. Improve their game. Their lives. And change the world.

Wanting to live your purpose will eventually lead you to the desire to create positive change at scale. While the world might make you believe that you cannot achieve anything without having a million followers on social media, there are ways to elevate your efforts without a massive reach – firstly you need to team up.

If you want to create true positive change, you need to harness the power of many. Sharing your purpose makes it more powerful. When everyone brings their unique skills to the table, you balance each other’s weaknesses out and add your strengths up.


Any new plastic, including polyester, created today can be a plastic waste problem tomorrow. Since 2012, we've innovated ways to tackle the problem of plastic waste in how we make our products. By 2024, we'll be off virgin polyester completely.

Run For The Oceans is all about coming together to fight marine plastic pollution through running. Tag @adidasrunning on Instagram and use #RunForTheOceans to share your favorite moments.