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At Academy Sports + Outdoors, we MAKE IT EASIER FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY MORE SPORTS AND OUTDOORS.™ At each of our 259 locations, we carry a wide range of quality hunting, fishing and camping equipment, patio sets and barbecue grills, along with sports and recreation products, at everyday low prices.


Our history is one we take pride in — it has made us who we are today. The first Academy store opened as a tire shop in San Antonio in 1938. It turned into a military surplus store, then began offering sports and outdoors equipment as it evolved into the Academy Sports + Outdoors we know today. Presently, we operate 259 stores in 16 states, supported by more than 22,000 team members throughout the South, Southeast, and Midwest.

1938 - Academy Sports + Outdoors traces its roots to 1938 when founder Max Gochman opened the Academy Tire Shop in San Antonio, Texas.
1939 - Academy Tire Shop begins selling military surplus.
1945 - Max changes store name to "Academy Super Surplus".
1956 - Max moves his business to Austin, Texas and expands to four stores.
1973 - Max's son Arthur Gochman purchases Southern Surplus Sales in Houston and changes its name to "Academy Corp." Arthur opens six Academy Super Surplus stores in Houston.
1978 - Arthur stops practicing law, devotes his time to Academy, and moves the corporate office to Houston.
1980 - Academy introduces sports and outdoors items including fishing, camping and sporting goods to its product assortment.
1981 - Academy moves into new offices and a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse.
1983 - Academy runs its first multi-page newspaper advertisement during the holiday.
1984 - Athletic brands are added to the Academy product assortment.
1988 - Academy opens its first "big box" stores of 35,000-40,000 sq. ft.
1990 - Academy Sports + Outdoors purchases its current corporate office and distribution center at 1800 N. Mason Road in Katy, Texas. Company grows to 28 stores across Texas.
1991 - Academy exits military surplus business. Sales reach $100 million.
1994 - Academy expands beyond Texas to Edmond, Oklahoma and Lafayette, Louisiana.
1995 - Company changes its name to "Academy Sports + Outdoors".
1998 - Academy Sports + Outdoors opens its first Florida location.
1999 - Academy Sports + Outdoors opens its first Tennessee and Mississippi store locations. Sales reach $500 million.
2000 - Academy Sports + Outdoors opens 50th store location in Temple, Texas. Sales reach $1 billion.
2003 - Academy Sports + Outdoors opens its first Arkansas location.
2005 - Academy Sports + Outdoors opens its first Missouri and Georgia locations.
2006 - Academy Sports + Outdoors employs over 10,000 team members across the Southeast. The company opens first 100,000 sq. ft. store.
2007 - Rodney Faldyn is named as President. Academy Sports + Outdoors opens its first South Carolina location. Sales reach $2 billion.
2009 - Academy Sports + Outdoors adds a second distribution facility in Twiggs County, GA.
2011 - Academy Sports + Outdoors is acquired by KKR, a leading global investment firm. Rodney Faldyn is named CEO & President. The company also launches as a full eCommerce retail site.
2012 - Academy Sports + Outdoors opens its first North Carolina and Kansas locations. Sales reach $3 billion.
2014 - Academy Sports + Outdoors opens its first Indiana and Kentucky locations. Sales reach $4 billion.
2015 - J.K. Symancyk is named as CEO & President. Academy Sports + Outdoors opens 200th store location in Tupelo, MS.
2016 - Academy Sports + Outdoors opens its first Illinois location, and adds its third distribution facility in Cookeville, TN.
2018 - Ken C. Hicks is named as Chairman, President and CEO. Academy Sports + Outdoors opens 250th store location in Mansfield, TX.
Today - Academy Sports + Outdoors operates 259 stores in 16 states with more than 22,000 team members throughout the South, Southeast and Midwest. Sales exceed $4.8 billion