Top Yoga Products

Have you noticed that when people practice Yoga they usually use a mat as support to perform the positions? The yoga mat and other yoga products are not there due to mere coincidence or aesthetics.

Some of these accessories like mat one of the most important items for practice; after all, this is where all the exercise is done. In addition, as the practitioner changes postures, the mat is responsible for minimizing the impact of the body with the floor, preventing pain or even more serious injuries.

According to Yoga experts, the dimensions of the piece are very important and must be in accordance with the height of the person who will use it. You should be able to lie with your whole body on the mat without getting your feet or your head out. Carpet thicknesses generally range from 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm. The 3mm mat gains in lightness, however, it can be uncomfortable for some, because it is not so soft. The 8mm yoga mat is comfortable but heavier. The 5mm is usually a good option.

For these reasons, it is very important to be aware of some recommendations when buying a yoga product. And to help you make the best out of your Yoga product purchases, will provide you with the best type of yoga product to buy the best practices.

Best Yoga Products to Buy

Non-Slip Yoga Mats

Non-slip mats allow you to perform yoga exercises safely and calmly. There are many types of mats on the market, and the best non-slip mats you can buy are available in different sizes and thicknesses. In addition to providing adherence to the floor, it helps you keep it clean and avoid slipping that can cause accidental discomfort or injury. To choose the best mat we must first know its characteristics, measurements, and other data of interest.

Zafús, Zabutones and Meditation Cushions For Yoga

Yoga practitioners will know what the zafu and also the zabuton consists of. However, newbies to this art of relaxation may not be familiar with both terms. The zafu and the zabuton

are two meditation cushions that make the perfect yoga kit for meditation. Both work very well together and the zabutón is usually put under the zafu. They stand out for being handmade cushions and for their natural properties.

Meditation Bench

In addition to sitting on the floor to meditate, you can also do so on a meditation stool or bench. Practice yoga easily on a piece of solid oak wood, with folding legs and rounded edges that are very easy to use, transport, and store after the meditation process is finished

The objective of this type of meditation benches for yoga is that your back is extended on them and is as straight as possible, helping a more relaxed and simple meditation. There are different benches for meditation you can choose for your yoga exercise.

Yoga Wheel

A modern accessory for practicing yoga is the yoga wheel. This item is very effective in helping to strengthen the torso, and improve balance or relieve stress, among many other benefits. It is increasingly used by many who practice yoga on daily basis.

This revolutionary product is great for both novice and expert yoga practitioners. You will be able to tone your body, relax your muscles, stretch your back and shoulders, and achieve a better alignment of your spine.

Yoga Blocks or Bricks

A very important part of any sport or physical activity is stretching. To help you perform the exercises and stretches better, you can use an accessory as useful as the yoga block or brick.

This type of block is made with foam and fits easily without causing pain to anyone. Among the most salient benefits of a yoga brick are: they help you achieve a more effective posture, allow more intense and effective stretching, and help you improve balance.

Yoga Towel

The towel is an essential part to dry your sweat while you practice yoga at home. While it is true that there are mats that incorporate microfiber towels, the classic mats need a towel to prevent them from getting wet with sweat. This type of yoga article allows you to carry out disciplines with better results and reaching maximum well-being. In any type of yoga, it is essential to have a towel. For example, in Vinyasa Yoga, a variety of high-intensity yoga ideal to stay in shape, you will need to dry the sweat.

Yoga Belts

Thanks to the yoga belts, anyone can achieve more natural and healthy stretching. Using these types of straps you will be helping your body in the realization and execution of the main exercises of most yoga exercises.

With the help of a relatively inexpensive item like a yoga belt, you will achieve gentler stretches with a very low risk of injury. You can achieve positions such as paschimottanasana or navasana with less tension and maximum relaxation of your muscles.


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